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I make it a general point not to write on issues of Pop Culture…of things you would find on TV. Not that it’s not my forte, but…let someone else do that. A most recent situation has compelled me to take a brief diversion – very brief.
Many of you have, by now, seen or heard the story of Ted Williams. This is the story, soon to be a movie I am sure, of a man who was a radio personality, eventually falling on hard times, homelessness, and addiction. If you haven’t heard of him, run a Google on the name or pull a video of the Today Show interview. He was recently discovered or re-discovered, and is being offered opportunities to rebuild his life. Wonderful story. We don’t know the ending.
Here’s the thing. I don’t want you guys jumping up, giving yourselves high-fives, and setting off fireworks. This young man is in tremendous pain – and the pain is stuck at around 16. I don’t care who hires him – Kraft, the Cavaliers, et cetera. He needs two things.
One is a shadow. For Ted to be successful, he must be given a therapeutic mentor. Please! Ted is not 53. Think of this like a high school graduate from a challenged family circumstance being drafted first in the NBA draft. This is TED. Ted needs a therapeutic mentor…a shadow.
TWO – There are serious familial issues that must be resolved. The therapist working with Ted must not take the perspective of “I know your mother’s pain!” or “Why did you hurt your mother?” This will not work!!! Ted will say what he thinks you want to hear. TED IS 16. For Ted to have been stuck at 16, the pain resides somewhere within that authoritarian “I am the center of the universe” relationship between himself and his mother. He has a pain that needs to be released for him to grow beyond it. This takes time, trust, and safety. If you’re really giving him a second chance, you’ve got to hold him safe.
I am wishing him well – but I fear for his Shakespearean journey. I am praying that somebody steps out of him/herself and the wish to grap piece of this young man’s golden cloth, and helps this child find himself. You have a 37-year gap to fill. He is a gift. I just fear that you do not understand the type of help/support that he needs. Good Luck Ted.

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