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Dear Dr. Al,

At my internship there is a woman who does all of the intakes.  She also staffs the clients during meetings.  Her tone and ways of responding to people as well as constantly cutting them off is rude and unprofessional.  Do I say something?  I feel she is disrespectful to all.

Concerned Counseling Intern.


Dear CCI,

If this is true, the question becomes:  Who will bell the cat?  It is evident, because of the job that she performs, that this woman has been there for a while.

Given that truth, I would suggest that her abrasive posture is/has been well known within the institution.  Given that truth, and given that she is not only still there, but holds that position, it suggests that this behavior is tolerated – encouraged if only because it has not been stopped.

If all this is true – nobody says anything, they are there longer than you, she has not been chastised…..then why would you jeopardize your job, your potential for future employment, and your clients’ access to good treatment by pulling a sword and fighting a windmill???

I understand your emotions, but you need to be in a stronger position before you go fighting windmills.

Dr. Al


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This blog challenges you guys to really think about all that we’ve done and worked on to this moment – issues of diversity, race, the effect of media on self-identity, the disparity in incarceration rates, readings from The House on Mongo Street, and difficulties that the mentally and physically challenged face on a daily basis – and mix it into what’s going on at this very moment at our State Capitol…then place it in the context of Locus of Control. 

Take what you’ve learned, take what you’ve read, throw in what’s going on right now at the Capitol – – – and frame it within the context of Locus of Control.

Now, I’ll explain the concept “Locus of Control.”

Locus of Control is a psychological concept that “refers to an individual’s (or group’s) generalized expectation concerning where control over subsequent (life) events reside. In other words, who or what is responsible for what happens (to me).”   

Do I believe that I ultimately have control over my life – or – can a cop, judge, district attorney, professor, politician, priest decide my future?  That future may be arguing a grade (fairness), going to jail (freedom), getting in to a building (Delta just got fined 2.4 million), shooting me without regard or consequence (life), taking away my job and/or health care and/or benefits (future), or deciding who is more worthy than whom. 

Locus of Control may be internal (I have control over my own future) or external (I can yell as loudly as I want – they will do with me as they wish).

Let’s see some deep thoughtful discussion about this.  Please respond to and add to each other’s comments.

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